Okay, okay. We get it.

You’re running a business. You don’t have time to add MORE things to your to-do list, right?

And you’re getting enough clients. Through your website, through Instagram, through your email list – your coaching business is going well.

So, with the lack of time and abundance of clients, why should you even consider launching a podcast?!

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re about to tell you exactly why you DO need to launch a podcast – and why it should be right now!

The undeniable truth: podcasting is powerful

There’s literally no end to how powerful podcasting can be for your coaching business. We say this time and time and time again – but it’s the cold hard truth.

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels you can use for your business, and it’s only going to keep getting more popular.

Don’t believe us? Believe these stats instead…

Millions of people are listening

In the US, 104 million people listen to podcasts regularly – and 80 million listen to podcasts every single week (according to Edison Research).

In the UK, over 19.1 million people listen to podcasts regularly (according to Statista).

Globally, a whopping 424.2 million people listen to podcasts at least monthly (according to eMarketer).

Even if you’ve got 10k followers on Instagram or 30k on TikTok or 5k engaged email subscribers – 424.2 million people is a lot! And if you aren’t podcasting, you’re missing out on a freaking HUGE potential audience!

Those people are your ideal audience

You might be thinking “my audience follows me on Instagram and they tell me they don’t really listen to podcasts – so I don’t think my ideal client would listen to me”.

But, again, you’d be wrong.

The demographic range of podcast listeners is HUGE, which is hardly surprising given that there are over 2 million podcasts out there in the world, ranging from sports to news to true crime to incredibly niche podcasts like The Yarniacs.

But within that huge body of listeners, your ideal client is almost certainly listening to something. 80% of podcast listeners are between the ages of 12 and 54, and 66% of US listeners have an annual household income of $75,000 or more – if your ideal client falls into these brackets, you definitely have a potential audience waiting to hear from you.

It’s not just a phase

When podcasting was in its early days, people were skeptical. Listenership was fairly low and people weren’t quite sure how to make podcasting a business tool, rather than just using it as a fun, chatty thing to listen to every now and then.

Now, though, WOW. It’s a whole different ball game. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.

Podcasting is huge. The potential it gives your coaching business is huge. And it is continually growing.

The pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named was a huge boost to podcasting. Whether it was people using podcasts to feel a connection to others when we were physically separated or people turning to podcasts when they got fed up with TikTok stealing hours of their lives, listenership boomed.

And it’s not slowing down.

Statista estimates that the number of UK podcast listeners will reach over 28 million by 2026 while the US audience will reach an estimated 144 million listeners by 2025. Globally, it’s estimated that there will be a huge 504.9 million listeners by 2024.

Yep, podcasting is here to stay. Your peers are already harnessing the power of podcasting – so why aren’t you?!

Coaches doing great things with their podcasts

Speaking of peers, it’s time to share our favourite podcasts from coaches who are doing incredible things.

These podcasts are all firm favourites in the Studio – because they each do one thing really, really well. And that’s the secret to podcasting as a coach: sticking to your niche, finding a rhythm and a schedule that works for you, and then committing to it, HARD.

Life Coach School – Brooke Castillo

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Brooke Castillo’s podcast is a core part of her marketing strategy. And with almost 500 reviews on Apple, it’s clearly working for her!

What we love about Life Coach School is that every episode gives something tangible for listeners to actually do or apply or think about. It’s a great balance of chat, interview, guidance and things you can actually go away and do.

Superpower: bitesize chunks of real advice that can actually be applied to your life.

Dear Gabby – Gabby Bernstein

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If you haven’t listened to Gabby yet, where have you been?! Dear Gabby is a weekly podcast where Gabby Bernstein (who’s just casually a New York Times #1 bestselling author too?!) chats with guests and does unscripted Q&A sessions that are basically live coaching sessions.

What we love about Dear Gabby (besides the fact her voice is SO soothing) is that she actually helps real-life people. Through her Q&A sessions with listener questions, she makes her coaching accessible to everyone – and she proves to everyone that she can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Superpower: demonstrating her coaching prowess through actual listener Q&As.

Financial Feminist – Tori Dunlap

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Okay, finances. How can finances be interesting enough to be in our favourites list?!

Because Tori’s podcast is SO relatable, accessible and down-to-earth. It’s not wishy-washy, but it’s not full of finance-bro jargon either. It’s the perfect balance of feeling like you’re listening to a voice note from a friend but also learning a TONNE of useful finance stuff along the way.

Superpower: sharing financial knowledge in an accessible, relatable way.

Finding your podcasting superpower

So, now that we’ve persuaded you podcasting is great and we’ve shown you how some of our favourite coaches harness their podcasting superpower, you might be thinking – “Okay, but how the hell am I going to stand out from the other 2,405,491 podcasts out there in the world?!”

It’s true. There are over 2 million podcasts and a huge 61,975,424 podcast episodes live on Apple Podcasts alone – but none of them are from you.

Being you is your superpower. Your coaching style, your techniques, your passions and your personality – those are the things that none of the other nearly 62 million episodes have. And that’s what your audience wants from you.

If you’re still not convinced that you’ve got a good enough “thing” or a hook-y enough hook for your podcast, ask yourself these few questions:

What do my clients consistently say about me and my work?

Are there common words or phrases or bits of feedback that you regularly get from clients? Those little things are what make you unique!

What experiences have I had that have made me the coach I am today?

These stories, whether they’re from your childhood or from last month, are what have shaped you into the coach that you are – and they can help you create a podcast that’s relatable and actionable for your audience.

Why do people follow me on social media?

You might want to ask your audience about this one – because the answer might surprise you! Your audience may feel engaged with you because you share the realities of being a working mom, or because you’re honest about the stress of running a business, or because you share knock-knock jokes on your Stories. Whatever it is, this thing is exactly what you need to bring into your podcast, too – because it’s yours and you’ve already proven people engage with it!

Launch your podcast now

By now, you should be convinced that a) you need to launch a podcast, and b) you’ve got a unique superpower that you can share with your listeners.

There are literally MILLIONS of listeners out there. And that number is growing, every single day. Those people are engaged (did we mention 80% of podcast listeners listen to episodes from start to finish?!) and there are definitely podcast listeners who are your dream clients.

But, considering how much EFFORT it is to start a podcast, is it really worth it?!

Um YES. 

First up, it’s not actually all that much effort to launch a podcast. That’s a big ol’ myth that we’ll keep on busting over and over and over again. (If you don’t already follow us on the ‘Gram, you’re missing out on the myth-busting)

Second, we’ve done all the planning and prepping for you. We wrote the ultimate guide to launching your podcast AND we’ve even created a free downloadable checklist that’ll get you from zero to podcast launch in just 4 weeks?! It sounds too good to be true, but trust us – it’s 100% achievable.

Coaches with podcasts have harnessed a hugely powerful thing: the ability to demonstrate their knowledge and their coaching skills AND allow their listeners to get to know them before they even enquire about working with them. Having your voice in someone’s ears is a really intimate thing – and if you use your podcast to share your advice, your stories and be supportive and inspiring for your audience, you’re building that know-like-trust factor with a massive audience in every single episode.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that podcast launched!

“I don’t need a podcast for my coaching business” – why you DO and why you should launch your podcast NOW

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“I don’t need a podcast for my coaching business” – why you DO and why you should launch your podcast NOW