I was inspired to start a virtual assistant business back in 2019 because of a podcast I listened to on my daily commute into London. I quickly learnt how powerful podcasts are, in every aspect of my life. Then one of my first VA clients asked me to help her with her podcast and it has turned into my obsession with creating podcasts and helping them thrive. Now 5 years later I run Hazell Studio to help coaches nurture and convert their listeners into dream clients. 


here's a little about my background.

Since leaving the hustle and grind of agency life I told myself to always create a life that allows me freedom and flexibility. Working with clients that value this, and embodies it too means a lot. 

i'm creating a life first business ✈️

After graduating I went straight into London running ad campaigns and moved to producing content that drives sales to magazines. It was a fast paced environment that taught me SO much.

worked in award winning digital marketing agencies 🏆

I've always been obsessed with marketing especially content. I graduated with a First Class degree in Marketing and learnt a lot of core principles on how to create content and marketing strategies that work.

top of the class marketing degree 🎓

Defo australia

dream holiday destination

jeans and an oversized hoodie

go-to outfit

it has to be Italian

Favorite cuisine

 definitely chai latte

Favourite hot drink

Now let’s get personal
Here’s A little bit more about me

start your pod

Are you finally ready to launch the podcast you've been dreaming about for years? With my launch course, you learn everything that there is to creating and launching a chart topping podcast. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to your podcast becoming a reality with my expert guidance.

podcast launch

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Ready to level up your podcast game without the hassle? With my monthly editing services, you can focus solely on recording impactful content that connects deep with your audience while I take care of the rest. From audio & video editing to creating show notes and marketing assets, consider it all covered. Hit record, make an impact, and turn your listeners into leads, ready to take action.

podcast editing

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Ready to revitalize your podcast? I'll dissect your content, analyze your stats, and share with you actionable ways you can boost your podcasts visibility and generate leads to your business. 

podcast roast (audit)

My goal is to help you use podcasting as a tool to nurture your audience and generate leads for your coaching business.

How? By creating a binge worthy chart topping show that builds trust and authority.

So, why are you here? You've spent years building an audience and now you're busting out the moves to try and get their attention on Reels but you know deep down you want to connect deeper via the podcast you love recording. But it's not working the way you want.

And I get it, you don't have the time to create a podcast that has a chart topping strategy and you're up to 2am editing the same week it goes live. But that's why I'm here, I get to add the fuel to the fire, shine a light on you and your podcast and help others see the impact you create for your clients.

How I can help you...